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i love your stuff

this song proves that you, sir, are incredibly talented. every track i've heard is just awesome. anywho, enough butt-kissin :) on with the review.

the spectrum of emotion glimpsed by this song is vast. for me, it starts with an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. then, there is a moment of clarity when a sliver of will is restored. will to persevere. encouraged by the thought, a sense of awakened courage and pride washes over me. with the desire to press on, i feel driven by an appreciation and respect for the very struggle that had previously been so defeating. although the road ahead is a difficult one, failure is not an option, and there is nothing that can stop my progress through it.

it's hard to put this stuff into words as i'm feeling it, so i hope that makes sense.
this is by far one of my favorite songs, on NG and otherwise.

btw, what happened to Showdown? i tried to find it, but try as i might, it wasn't to be found.

you are right

epic brass is what this needs. it makes all the difference. surely there's a pack online somewhere. i know FL studio has some good brass.

otherwise it sounds pretty sweet. good stuff.

i love you in a totally homo way


oh yeah and great song. even though i usually don't like house music, i dig this track. this will be the second house song this week i have genuinely enjoyed the whole way through. good stuff.


I don't care for house music, but I listened to this song end to end a couple times and i really like it. there's something about house music that i can't vibe with but i got way down to this track. good stuff.

Prodigal responds:

Haha, glad to hear I made your mind for just this once. Thanks for the review!

dig it

i'm a sucker for chill piano paired with quick energetic beats. mellow, but intense. this track is great.

Radosh responds:

Thank You Man!!


i know i'm spamming you with reviews, but i can;t help myself.

finish this track. i;m serious. this is amazing.

genre shmenre

songs don't need to be placed in genres to invoke thought and emotion. i think it's good to make music that is different. music that stands out. if you are trying to make music of a certain type, then i would say take the advice of the reviewers below me. if you just want to express thoughts through manipulating sound waves, then sir you have already succeeded 100%

it is a shame that NG doesn't have more genres to choose from, but on the other hand, meeting criteria for a certain category of sound combinations isn't as important as people seem to think. at least, that is my humble opinion.

all that aside, great song. the sound is unique and thought provoking. the simplicity of the drums is a nice compliment to the rest of the sounds. it gives it a really neat vibe. it's mellow, but it has an intensity to it. puts me in a contemplative, uplifted sort of mood. i really like your work. fuck the 0 bombers.

i call it....

glitch-groove. first thing that popped in my head. i dig it, whatever genre it 'belongs' in. nice work

it's just so.....


I love it.

I really like your other stuff too. Keep it up :D


There's something about this song, i can't put my finger on it but it's magical. I really like the oriental style synth and the beat is spot on. I especially like the section between 0:55 - 1:17 then the breakdown at 1:40 is super sick. The whole thing is put together very well. The vocals are a really nice touch. IMO, a good song should take the listener on a ride, and this track executes that flawlessly. Great work.

Radosh responds:

OH Thank you so much for this review! Very much appreciate! :)

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